At Maricare we believe that our residents are entitled to be treated as individuals. The care offered at our homes is bespoke, focussing on each resident’s individual needs. Maricare Limited's highly experienced management team and staff members are the key ingredient in the delivery of a quality service. We believe that future success is dependent upon a skilled and educated workforce.



Here at Maricare we take great pride not only in every aspect of the service we deliver both to residents and their families but also in our links with the local community surrounding each of our care homes.


Every individual regardless of age or ability has a right to have their decisions and choices listened to and respected. We encourage all Maricare residents to have as much of a say in their care plans as possible.


The Best Carers

All our staff are highly experienced and caring people who work tirelessly to ensure that our residents feel safe and cared for whether they are with us for the long term or just for respite.



Maricare Home Life


At Maricare we believe that our staff are at the centre of everything we do. While qualifications are important to have, we recruit with the belief that “we cannot put in, what God left out”. We can develop our team members' knowledge and skills through training, but they must be caring people first and foremost.

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Each of our homes has an on-site chef who produces fresh homemade meals on a daily basis. We offer our residents a wide range of choices as we understand that each person is different and that includes what they like to eat and drink. Delicious snacks are also available upon request outside the normal meal times.

Maricare - food


Each home has an allocated activities co-ordinator who formulates bespoke activities programmes for each individual, taking into consideration their care plans. Our residents have the option of engaging with activities as individuals or in a group. We also arrange outings into the community and work hard to ensure that we incorporate any local or national events into our programme so that residents feel able to maintain links to the outside world.

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