Maricare - Roman Court Accommodation


Roman Court consists of 34 single bedrooms. Residents are encouraged to bring personal belongings from home with them. Roman Court is specifically designed to accommodate residents with Complex Dementia that can present a challenge. There are several small, intimate living rooms where residents spend time together.

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Living & Dining

Roman Court has a large dining room on the ground floor where residents often eat together. There are numerous pockets around the home where residents can choose to eat on their own or in smaller groups. There is also a small sensory room where residents can spend time with family members.


Our Staff

Registered Manager

Our experienced Registered Manager is Andi Barker who took up his role in early 2014. Andi has 15 years of extensive management experience; including Domiciliary, Residential with Nursing and Residential Care Services, along with a further 12 years’ experience within this sector and a Level 6 Leadership Qualification. Andi is professional, driven and motivated with high personal standards in ensuring person-centred care and support is delivered to an exceptional standard by the staff team.

Residential Lead

Our Managing Team Leader, Rachel, started working in the care environment as a carer in 2009 and in 2012 joined the Maricare group. Rachel has since worked her way up and completed a level 5 Management Diploma. She currently manages a team of team leaders and ensures we deliver the highest quality care for our complex dementia residents.

Clinical Lead

Laura qualified as a general nurse in 2008 after achieving an advanced diploma in nursing studies from John Moore’s University in Liverpool. She then went on to work in the private sector as a nurse in various care homes in the Rotherham area. In 2016, she joined the Maricare group and was employed as a Registered Nurse. In early 2017, she was promoted to the clinical lead position and now manages a team of nurses.


Carli has previous experience working within a care sector providing support to vulnerable adults and has experience working within an office setting for Doncaster Children’s Service Trust. When the opportunity arose to complete a Business Administration qualification within the Maricare group, Carli accepted the challenge. Carli is keen to learn and develop as she continues working as an administrator for this family run organisation.



Roman Court is proud to be the only care home in the Doncaster area that is participating in the Namaste program. Namaste is a Hindu term that means “to honour the spirit within.” It is a seven day a week program providing a variety of very meaningful interventions. The interventions are carried out in a peaceful area of the home, pleasant scents fill the air from an oil burner, hand massages are given with a loving touch and relaxing music or reminiscent sounds are playing. The ultimate aim is to provide an extremely pleasurable experience for residents who have advanced dementia.

Maricare - Roman Court  Activities


Aside from the Namaste program, Roman Court is an active place. The morning is generally spent doing homely tasks. The housekeeping team encourage residents to assist them to fold laundry, pair socks and do the dusting. All the while music is playing, staff and residents sing and dance along with smiles and laughter. The afternoon is based on the Namaste principles. Residents are pampered, nails are painted, feet soaked and massaged while reminiscing over familiar music or photos.